Vestager scrambles to save coal subsidies at any cost to energy bill payers, and humanity

Vestager scrambles to save coal subsidies at any cost to energy bill payers, and humanity

The European Commission has appealed against the annulment of the UK government’s Capacity Mechanism, trying to further set back a better energy future as it attempts to have coal subsidies reinstated.

Following Tempus’s landmark win against the European Commission on 15th November 2018 an in-depth investigation is expected to launch in February 2019. Its role, to examine evidence on (1) whether a UK CM is needed at all and if so (2) whether the policy design is compatible.

It now appears that on 25th January 2019, the European Commission lodged an appeal to the ECJ in an attempt to reverse the judgment, which came down heavily on the side of Tempus.

While this appeal will not delay the necessary investigation, which is almost guaranteed to fail against what was a damning judgment - the true reason behind this absurd appeal from the European Commission is to reinstate their approval and give investors confidence that the fossil fuel subsidy contracts are safe. To do this they are wasting further resources on this charade - the resources on their part are ironically supplied by European taxpayers money.

We need to reveal this underhand and dishonest tactic for what it is, because such investments are anticompetitive, bad for the planet and human health.

At the heart of Tempus our goal has always been to aid the creation of a fairer, greener electricity system for the benefit of customers - this is why we took on the herculean task of challenging the unlawful use of fossil fuel generation subsidies in the UK energy capacity market.

Our ideal outcome from this challenge is for the government to work with us and other innovative businesses in the ecological transition to a cleaner, fairer UK energy system that future generations can benefit from.

But as we have experienced since Tempus began in 2012 the energy industry is not on the side of the customer, but favours those with the most money and power -

A recent article in The Nation on Greta Thurnburg and #schoolstrike4climate says:

“it’s about the power Exxon and the rest of the fossil-fuel industry have over governments and economies the world over, and the industry’s willingness to use that power to enforce a business model that is guaranteed to fry the planet.”

Tempus Energy CEO and founder Sara Bell said:

“Electricity customers are being forced to subsidise dirty, polluting fossil fuel when alternative, cheaper technologies already exist. Vestager’s unlawful behaviour is the reason Poland is building several GWs of new coal fired generation.

The ECJ recognised electricity customers had been ripped off and ordered the EU Commission to do their job properly and follow their own rules.

European children have a right to breathe clean air and benefit from the new innovation jobs of the future instead of being forced to subsidise dirty, old and anti-competitive technologies. We will keep fighting for these rights and no shameful politician will get away with this.”

The appeal will not stop an in-depth investigation from going ahead and when this scrutiny into the scheme begins it will force the UK Government to put in place a new energy strategy. One which reduces bills by incentivising and empowering customers to use electricity in the most cost-effective way through demand-response technology, while maximising the use of renewables.

And as Christiana Figueres, (a Costa Rican diplomat who spearheaded the 2015 Paris climate accord) and Greta Thunberg, (a 16-year-old Swedish student leading a global school strike for climate) have said

“We believe these are inspirational times for transformational change.”

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